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Its super simple! Check out how to sell your house fast. It’s a 4 step process that starts with you giving us a few details about your house. If you accept our offer, that part is just as easy, too!

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We will start doing our research on your property and then call you (usually within 24 hours).

Receive a friendly phone call.

We’ll reach out so we can get to know more about your situation and what you are trying to accomplish.

Give us a tour.

We’ll come meet you at your property so we can check it out and do the numbers.

Receive a fair offer.

Most of the time you’ll get your offer right on the spot, but if we need to do some extra homework, we’ll have your offer the next day. There is never an obligations to accept the offer and if you need more time thats ok too!

….should you accept your offer…

Sign & open escrow.

After signing the purchase contract, we turn it to a reputable escrow company who will handle the transaction between us, making sure everyone does as they say they will.

Escrow draws up documents.

The escrow company will start to prepare all of the documents that each of us will need to sign and will also run a title search on the property.

Sign & get your cash!

We can sign as fast as you need – so you can collect your cash and then celebrate! You sold your house!


Its important to us that we use complete transparency with the homeowners we work with. We aren’t in the business of giving low-ball offers. In fact, we want to give you the highest offer possible, we just still need to be able to turn a profit. This is a business after all…

So, how do we come up with a fair price?

We look at:

Comparable Sales – we look at what other properties of the same kind have sold for in your neighborhood. Its important to look at houses that have a similar square footage, same number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and similar amenities.

Some great resources for find out what houses have sold for are RedFin, Zillow and Trulia.

Necessary Repairs – finding out just how much it will take to bring a property to the “top of the market” is the hardest part of any deal. Luckily, that’s for us to figure out!

This is the hard part because there are so many unknown factors. Everything may seem fine at first glance, but when you get in there are start opening walls, things can change very quickly.

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